Anti-Corruption Compliance Statement Policy

Greenworld Support Services Limited (GSSL Group) undertakes to comply with applicable laws and regulations prohibiting corruption in our operations all over the world. We expect the same of all our business partners.

Corruption can take many forms including but not limited to offering something of value in exchange for an undue advantage, paying bribes to win a contract, facilitation payments to government officials etc.

Greenworld completely prohibits all forms of corruption be it bribery or facilitation payments, regardless of the amount involved or scale as it goes against our core values. The consequences of engaging in corrupt practices are very high not only to the individual but the company at large. This includes risk of reputational damage and legal prosecution.

Therefore, no employees or agents of Greenworld will ever offer, promise, authorize or give anything of value regardless of the size or scale to any government official or private individual anywhere in the world for purposes of gaining an undue advantage of any kind either for themselves or the company nor will any employee solicit or accept any corrupt payment from a third party be it public or private individual. We do not affiliate to any political groupings neither will we make any political contribution either in kind or in cash.

Failure to comply with this policy, supporting guidelines and procedures or relevant laws and regulations will lead to severe disciplinary actions including termination and possible legal prosecution.

Should any employee find reason to believe a violation of this policy has occurred or is about to occur he or she should report immediately through the internal communication structures or do so anonymously.

Please note- it’s our collective responsibility to ensure Greenworld conducts its business with the highest standards of honesty and integrity.